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ACCOYAThe use of Accoya for our joinery services across Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire areas of Wales has well-founded thanks to many factors such as It enables the consistent supply of durable, non-toxic, dimensionally stable wood. This makes it an ideal material for manufacturing high performance, exterior timber products like wood siding and outside decking.

accoya windowsFor over 80 years this has been the gold standard in the academic field of wood science. A breakthrough in closed-loop engineering, culminating in 2007, led to the first commercial-scale production of the product in the world. Please see our gallery or visit our Facebook


The applications that Accoya can be used for include:


Accoya® wood is the perfect material for wooden window frames, external wood doors, and exterior window shutters for private and commercial projects as it offers improved thermal insulation properties in comparison with commonly used hardwood and softwood wood species and it is more durable and dimensionally stable than the best tropical hardwoods.

accoya windows doorsAccoya® wood has an enhanced coatings performance and can last twice as long, saving time, money and hassle. It also has a 50 year above ground guarantee, giving complete confidence that Accoya® windows and doors will stand the test of time. An Accoya® wooden window or door is developed to excel in external applications, even in challenging conditions.

ACCOYA® WOOD DECKING: Beautiful all-weather, low maintenance deck with Accoya®

When deciding what timber to use for outdoor decking materials; beauty, strength, sustainability and all-weather decking performance are important in Wales. Accoya® wood embodies the beauty of natural wood with exceptional performance characteristics. Selecting a dimensionally stable material for outdoor decking is essential to ensure the timber used for decking will stay flat and not warp, split, swell or be affected by fungi, water uptake or rot. Accoya® produces both a long-life and low maintenance decking solution which few other decking materials are able to offer. Accoya® wood is proven to deliver outstanding results as timber for decking in a wide range of decking projects from around the world.

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It can be machine profiled to suit the project specifications and comes with a 50 year warranty against rot and decay. Accoya® wood has enhanced resistance against UV light and comes with enhanced coatings performance which can last up to 3-4 times longer. Accoya® wood is ideal for the design of durable and stable decking, where the highest performance of wood is required. Classified as the most stable wood on the market, Accoya® timber decking boards do not warp, split or swell maintaining an almost perfect shape. Installed uncoated or stained, and fixed with clip or screw, with Accoya® you can achieve the best wood decking projects.


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